Likes and Follows Are Not Meaningless

We get into discussions about “Likes” and “Follows” quite often.  There is a thought that Likes is a meaningless number.  This is just not true.

Likes Do Not Equal Conversions

When people say that Likes are meaning, they mean that Likes does not directly lead to conversions.  This is absolutely true.  You cannot look at the amount of likes you have on your Facebook page and make any assumptions about the number of sales you made.

As social media managers, we like to see Likes and Follows for a few reasons.  One reason is that it tells us that the message being delivered is interesting to people.  Our goal is make our client’s social media feeds relevant, fun, and interesting enough that they want to see more.

If people click the Like button it means that they found something interesting or fun enough to want to see more.  The more people that like a page, the more people who have the chance to see posts organically.  The more people who see the posts means more chances for people to interact with or share the posts.  When their friend see your content, they will then hopefully find it interesting as well.  Ultimately, the more people that Like and see a post, the greater the chances are that people will click through become a sale, which is the overall goal!

Likes and Follows have to be Organic and Good Quality

Since more Likes and Follows are good, does that mean we go out and buy Likes?  No.  This will undermine your online strategy.  Likes have to build up organically or through directed advertising.  The people who Like your page also have to be demographically and geographically relevant to the business.  If you are a local New York business but most of your likes are coming from California, then they aren’t going to be able to help you.

As we said, the best growth is organic growth of good quality people.  If you get people in your area and demographic to like or follow  your page, the social media platform will take notice. They may even start to show your page to their friends as a suggested page. This will lead to more organic growth, which leads to more people seeing your page and your posts.

If you go out and buy likes, you will see your numbers go up, but these are likes of accounts who may not even be real people.  They are likes that have no chance to lead to a conversion or to even more likes.  It is purely cosmetic to be able to say that you have all of these likes.  The issue is that you can lose all of those likes just as quickly.  A sharp decline in likes can be devastating to  your reach since now you have a much lower chance of being shown to anyone organically. Your account can even be flagged as showing suspicious activity.

Your online presence is a vital aspect of your business and you want to have a good following, but it takes time to build.  You can’t cheat your way to high number.  In the end a following that grows slow and steady is a following that will be there for a long time, and those people have the greatest chance of becoming a customer.  When it comes to your online presence, one piece of advice we give to everyone is to have patience.  Nothing happens overnight.