Social Media Services

Social Media is a “Must Have” for all businesses: Large and Small

Social Media is a necessary part of your complete online presence.  It is nearly as important as your website.  Social Media gives your company or brand a new level of legitimacy.

Most people will say that most of their new business comes through “word-of-mouth”. You never know how many of those word-of-mouth referrals never materialize because they were not able to find your business online.

Interact with your Followers

An online presence, complete with social media allows you to get information out to your customers, and to your potential clients.  Social Media allows you to keep information fresh and up-to-date, even broadcasting last minute changes and additions to products, offerings, services, and events.

Social Media is a vital part of your marketing plan. It needs to be planned out properly complete with identifying your goals and deliverables.  We can help you create or enhance your social media presence, creating a centralized hub for information sharing and engagement while increasing your fan-base and followers.

A typical social media plan includes strategies and tactics with a reason for everything that is proposed.  Our goal is not to get your company on every platform.  We learn about your company and make strategic decisions about is best for your company.  We meet regularly with your team to ensure that the messages remain on-point and to make sure that we are fulfilling our goals.

Why Boxer Media Services?

We work with all kinds of businesses, from local retail stores, credit unions, lawyers, accountants, and restaurants.

Our social media plans include full-service management of each platform.  We monitor all of your pages and respond to activity such as:

  • Reponses to Posts
  • Reviews
  • Messages
  • Questions
  • Comments

We are also keeping up to speed on all of the important platforms.  Platforms are always coming out with ways to improve their user experience.  We make sure that your page is up to date at all times.

As a branding tool, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In allow you to present the face and voice of the company that you want to put forward.  Branding is a vital part of setting your business apart from the competition.

Boxer Media focuses on  your online presence putting forward the message you want your customers and potential customers to hear.